Relax, we are here, this glossary will help you (and we will keep adding terms as time goes by)

  • Dwelling: Building structure
  • Other Structures: Structures outside your home, like in your patio
  • Loss of Use: What the policy will pay to provide you with a place to stay should your house become inhabitable due to a loss
  • AOP: All other perils, refers to the deductible for everything other than Windstorm
  • Collision: Damages to your car in an accident
  • Comprehensive: Damages to your car not caused by a moving accident like a branch of a tree falling on your auto
  • UM: Uninsured Motorist, coverage that will pay part of your medical expenses in the event you are hit by a driver that does not have insurance, does not carry enough coverage, carries coverage from a financially unstable insurance company or is a hit and run
  • Replacement Cost:  The cost to build or replace the property insured, not related to the market value, the loan associated with your property of the purchase price

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